About your Horse Float service…


We have the expertise to work on all horse float brands and models.  The experienced WA Horse Floats team understand how important it is to ensure you have confidence in the condition of your float and stress free transportation of your horse.

A well maintained or repaired float is the best way to avoid an accident which may result in breakdowns during travel or potential minor to major injury to you or your horse.

Your UNIQUE 12 point safety check and service…


At WA horse floats, we pride ourselves on offering you a detailed assessment, and where necessary repair work, that gives you the confidence that your float is in the best condition it can be.

Your servicing will include inspection, reporting and lubrication as required.

Our 12 point safety and service check includes:

  • Wheel bearing inspection, grease and adjustment,
  • Brakes,
  • Coupling,
  • Jockey wheel,
  • Wheel and tyre condition,
  • Water tank (as appropriate) mountings and hosing,
  • Lighting and wiring,
  • Suspension,
  • Brake controller,
  • Chassis,
  • Latches and hinges,
  • Window and locks

And much more…

For the confidence you need in the condition of your float…


Our standard servicing package is at the high value price from ONLY $297,

and we would be happy to organise the time and date of your next service to be booked in at your convenience.

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